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LC-9 USB2.0 Color Digital Camera (5.0MP)


LC-9 USB2.0 Cooled CCD Digital Camera (5.0 MP) is especially designed for quick find and fast focus of specimens. Real scientific grade CCD sensors are adopted and images and videos can be captured with high sensitivity and low image noise. With C-mount, these cameras can be connected to trinocular microscopes, fluorescence microscopes, and metallurgical microscopes to capture a variety of bright field, dark field, and fluorescence images in life science and industrial applications


Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2013, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.





Real scientific-grade colorful/mono CCD image sensor with high sensitivity and low image noise, no compression, no interpolation;

Perfect image quality and high dynamic range with the perfect detail;

High speed image preview and fast focus;

Noise Reduction: semiconductor cooling to 30℃ below of room temperature;

High-speed USB2.0 interface, up to 480Mb/s;

Supports Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP Operation System;

Supports Directshow and Twain;

C-mount, 0.5X microscope adaptor and 30mm, 30.5mm connecting rings are optional;

Durable aluminum alloy shell

Suitable for fluorescent microscopy




LC-9 USB2.0 Cooled CCD Digital Camera (5.0 MP) are mainly used for high precision quantitative analysis in low light, brightfield, darkfield, and fluorescence imaging of life science and industrial applications.


Technical Specifications




LC-9 (Cooled)




USB2.0 5.0 Mega Pixel Color Cooled Digital Camera


Image Sensor


2/3”color 5.0 mega pixel Sony CCD ICX282AQ


Pixel Size




G Sensitive 280mV

Scanning Mode


Interlaced Scanning, Progressive Scanning


Filter R, G, B

Max Resolution

2580H x 1944V


Frame Rate





Readout noise (rms noise) 9e-

Dark current (at 0 degree Celsius or equivalent) 0.07e-/pixel/s

Dynamic Range 67dB

Full Well capacity 12000e-

Quantum efficiency of image sensor at 600 nm



Lens Interface


Standard C-Mount


Low-speed Readout




A/D conversion


12 bit


Peltier cooled


-30° C below ambient


Angle light control




White Balance




Exposure Control Auto/Manual

Exposure Time




Image Output USB2.0, 480Mb/s

Power 3.5V exterior power supply

Parameters Control Image size, Contrast, brightness, RGB gain, exposure time

Software Function Image display, image processing, video

Operating System Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

Working Temperature




Storage Temperature




Working Humidity 10%-85%

Accessories Include C-Mount, 2.5m USB cable, peltier cooled power supply, peltier cooled cable, 1 CD with software and SDK, Manual, and aluminum case



130mm*111mm*54mm (length x width x height)


Gross Weight







LC-9 USB2.0 Cooled CCD Digital Camera (5.0 MP) are packed in aluminum cases, the package includes:


Digital camera (standard C-mount) 1

2.5 meters USB cable 1

Peltier cooled power supply 1

Peltier cooled cable 1

CD (Driver, software) 1

Manual 1

Aluminum case 1



 USB Digital Microscope Camera