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LC-3 USB2.0 CMOS Industrial Color Smart Digital Camera (0.36MP, Global Shutter, Frame Buffer)



LC-3 USB2.0 CMOS Industrial Color Smart Digital Camera (0.36MP, Global Shutter, Frame Buffer) According to the machine vision industry requirements, Labomed, Inc. has developed the latest LC-3 smart industrial cameras.  With  USB2.0  interface,  0.36  mega-pixel,  1.3  mega-pixel,  3.2  mega-pixel cameras are available. The size is only 29mm * 29mm * 46mm, weight (without lens) is only 60g. Among these cameras, 0.36 mega-pixel digital camera has high sensitivity, high dynamic range, global shutter, hardware frame buffer, high-speed features. 1.3 mega-pixel and 3.2 mega-pixel digital cameras have high sensitivity, high dynamic range, rolling shutter, high-speed features. LC-3 digital cameras are widely used in machine vision and a variety of image acquisition areas.


Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2013, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.




Fine new design, small size, 0.36 mega-pixel digital camera is 29mm × 29mm × 50mm (length × width× height), weight 60g, 1.3 mega-pixel and 3.2 mega-pixel digital camera are 29mm × 29mm × 46mm (length × width × height), weight 60g;

Multiple  mounting  angles,  suitable  for  all  kinds  of  industrial  production equipments’ installation requirements;

Real industrial Color/mono CMOS image sensor with high sensitivity, high dynamic range, no compression, no interpolation. 0.36 mega-pixel digital camera is global shutter, 1.3 mega-pixel and 3.2 mega-pixel digital cameras are rolling shutter;

High-speed USB2.0 interface, up to 480Mb/s;

Support extraction modes, users can choose AOI area(Area of Interest), the image frame rate is greatly speed up after the extraction;

Separate image capture and preview, support high-speed preview, high-quality acquisition; Supports SKIP2/SKIP4/SKIP8 3 extraction modes, the image frame rate multiplied after the extraction;

The brightness of all modes and resolution switch is the same;

Gamma correction, extended RGB gain, color reproduction more realistic;

Support for still image capture (JPG, BMP), image color is rich and vivid;

Support 8-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit bitmap preview and capture (Mono camera support 8-bit bitmap);

Support uncompressed, compressed videos;

Provide completed API for users’ secondary development, provide Demo Source Code;

Hardware automatic gain control (AGC) and Exposure Control (AEC)

Software auto white balance, auto exposure, continuous auto exposure control;

Users can program to control white balance and exposure area;

Support the plug recovery during acquisition and preview;

Support firmware upgrade on-line;

Plug and play, dispense with external power supply;

Support Windows XP / Vista / 7 Operation System;

Support VC, VB, DELPHI, LABVIEW and other development language;

Fix USB cable on the camera with bolt to prevent it from falling off;

Support Twain;

Support standard C-mount lenses and all kinds of customized lenses;

Durable aluminum alloy shell.



License image capture

Medical diagnosis

Microscope system

Notes image capture

Industrial production line image capture

Fingerprint, palm print image capture

Public Security investigation image capture

Desktop images, portraits, iris image capture

High speed vehicle license plate capture

Outdoor Monitoring

Technical Specifications


Model: LC-3



USB2.0 Color CMOS 0.36MP industrial digital camera

Image Sensor: 1/3 inch, Color 0.36MP CMOS Image Sensor

Pixel Size: 6.0μm×6.0μm

Spectral Response: 400nm~1000nm, Enhanced near-infrared

Sensitivity: 4.8V/lux-sec@550nm(0.1Lux)

Scan Mode: Progressive Scan

Exposure Mode: Electronic global shutter

Max Resolution: 752 × 480

Frame Rate: 61fps@752×480

White Balance: Auto / Manual

Exposure Control: Auto / Manual, software/hardware

Image Output; USB2.0, 480Mb/s

Power: USB2.0 Power Supply, 500mW

Dynamic Range: >55dB Linear Mode / >80dB-100dB High Dynamic mode

Programmable control: Image size, Contrast, brightness, gain, exposure time

Software Function: Image display, image processing, video

Working Temperature: -30°C~70°C



Equipped with standard infrared filter (not available in mono camera), C/CS mount connecting ring, 2m USB cable, 1 CD with software and SDK.

Camera Net Weight: 60g

Camera Dimension: 29mm×29mm×50mm(length × width × height)

Box Dimension: 118mm×108mm×96mm (length × width × height)


Spectral Response Curves

 USB Digital Microscope Camera