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LB-702 Inverted Trinocular Fluorescent Biological Microscope

LB-702 Inverted Trinocular Fluorescent Biological Microscope with Extra Wide Field and Infinite Plan Optical System (Infinity Color Corrected System) uses ultraviolet as the light source, objects which are radiated then fluoresce, and then the shape of an object and its location can be observed under the microscope. LB-702 Inverted Fluorescent Biological Microscope is specifically designed for the observation of cell culture. Excellent high resolution fluorescent objectives provide high quality fluorescent images. Infinitive Optical System gives excellent Optical performance. This microscope can be your best assistant in laboratory research.




Excellent fluorescent image with high resolution fluorescent objectives.

Protect the light leak with advanced lamp housing.

Excellent Optical Function with Infinitive Optical System.

Innovative Stand structure, Sharp Image Display, Convenient and Special for Viewing Incubating Cell Tissue.



Optical System Infinite Optical System

Viewing Head Seidentopf Trinocular Head Inclined at 30°, Interpupillary 48-75mm

Eyepiece High-point, Extra Wide Field Eyepiece EW10×/ 22

Nosepiece Quintuple Nosepiece

Objective Long Working Distance Infinite Plan Objective 4×/0.1, WD 18mm

40×/0.6, WD 2.6mm

Infinite Plan Phase Objective PH 10×/0.25, WD 10mm

PH 20×/0.4, WD 5.1mm

Condenser Extra Long Working Distance Condenser NA 0.3, LWD 72mm

Focusing Coaxial Coarse and Fine Adjustment, Vertical Objective Movement, Coarse Stroke 37.7mm per rotation, Fine Stroke 0.2mm per rotation

Stage Plain stage 160×250 mm

Glass Insert

Attachable Mechanical Stage, X- Y Coaxial Control, Moving Range 120×78 mm (Optional - must be purchased separately)

Auxiliary Stages70×180mm

Terasaki Holder (Optional - must be purchased separately)

ф38mm Petri Dish Holder (Optional - must be purchased separately)

ф54mm Slide Glass Holder (Optional - must be purchased separately)

Illumination Halogen Lamp6V/ 30W

Filter Blue/ Green and Frosted GlassFilter (ф45mm)

Filters (Optional)

Ultraviolet Excitation Filter, Violet Excitation Filter

Video Adapter Video Adapter with C Mount (Optional - must be purchased separately)

Reflected Light Source



Dichroic Mirror


Barrier Filter


Blue excitation BP460~ 490 DM500 BA520


Green excitation BP480~ 550 DM570 BA590


Lamp 100W HBO Ultra Hi-voltage Spherical Mercury Lamp

Protection barrier Barrier to Resist the Ultraviolet Light

Power Supplier Power Supplier NFP-1, 220V/ 110V interchangeable, Digital Display

Immersion Oil Fluorescent Free Oil

Centering Plate