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Electrolyte Clinical Analyzer IO-005





Automatic priming and maintenance function.

Carry-over prevented by automatic probe cleaning.

Automatic standby function.

Automatic calibration.

Low reagent consumption.

User-friendly software.

Long-life and stable electrodes.

Automatically shows any abnormality in electrolyte reading

The IO-005 is open to being used with all brands of biochemistry reagents.


It is very user-friendly and easy to use, requiring minimal training or supervision to get started.


Technical Specifications


Parameters: K+, NA+, Cl-, Ca2+, PH

Assay Method: Ion selective electrode

Throughput: 60 tests/hr

Sample Type: Whole blood, serum, plasma, urine, sweat, dialysate

Sample Volume: 35-120 ul

Display: 128mm X 64mm back-illuminated LCD

Storage: More than 2000 samples and Q.C. data

Printer: Built-in thermal printer

Interface: RS-232

Environment: Temperature: 18~35°C

Requirements: Humidity: <85%

Closed or open tube: Yes

Visible Sample: Yes

Chamber: Yes

Analysis Time, sec: 50 seconds

Sample Rate: Up to 60 per hour or more

Na serum/plasma: 30-200 mmol/L

K serum/plasma: 0.5-10 mmol/L

Cl serum/plasma: 30-200 mmol/L

Ca++: 1.10-5.00 mmol/L

Automatic Wash: Yes

Type and frequency: On demand/Automatic

Language: English, other languages on request

Power Supply: AC 110 V /60 Hz or 220 V / 50Hz

Voltage: 220V, max. 15A, 1 Phase

Frequency: 60Hz

Power Cord: 3 Pin BT, 1-2 Meter Length

Regulatory Compliances: ISO, CE

Safety Standard: UL

Dimensions: 36cm x 25cm x 26cm

Weight: 6.0kg

Accessories: All standard accessories

Reagents: Reagents for a three month supply for 25-30 samples per day should be ordered at the time you order the equipment.




1 Power Cable

2 Fuse

1 Pump Tube

3 Standard Solution A (250ml/bot)

3 Standard Solution B (250ml/bot)

1 Deproteinization Solution

1 Reference Electrolyte Solution

1 Printing Paper

1 User's Manual



Electrolyte Clinical Analyzer