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Labomed introduces an automatic chemistry analyzer with varying testing capacities.


200 tests/hour


Labomed, Inc. is certified by ISO 9001-2013, has CE Conformity and is FDA Licensed.




System Functions

Type: Fully Automated, Random Access Biochemistry Analyzer.

Throughput: 200 tests, up to 280 tests/hr with ISE (optional).

Test Mode:  End point, Kinetics, Fixed Time, lmmunoturbidimetry, Monochromatic, Bi-chromatic and Multi-Standard Analysis, Linearity and Nonlinearity Calibration, Single and Dual Reagents  can be used.

Test Setting: Programmable for single-parameter, multi-parameter, combined parameter, batch test.

Parameter Setting: Completely open for editing test 3ertyuio

1 parameters and calculation parameters.


Sample System

Sample Tray:  44 sample positions for primary tubes, test tubes and various sample cups, Whole sample tray is removable and replaceable. Any position can be aligned as the emergency test position.

Sample Volume: 3 µL – 30 µL, programmed by 0.1 µL step.

Sample Handling: Dilute and  retest automatically when the sample' s concentration is beyond limitation.

Sample Probe: Liquid level detection and collision protection.

Probe cleaning:  Automatic washing for both inside and outside, carry over <0.1%.

Syringe: High performance syringe, durable  and  maintenance free.

Optional item: Bar code reader.


Reagent System

Reagent Tray: 44 positions for Single and Dual reagents, reagent positions can be aligned freely.

Refrigeration:  Refrigerated reagent compartment, 24 hours non-stop cooling with Peltier element to maintain temperature 4-15 ℃.

Reagent Bottle Volume: 35ml and 20ml, Slope bottom design.

Reagent volume:  150 µL - 300 µL, prograrnmed by 0.1µ1 step.

Reagent Probe: Automatically detecting the liquid level; collision protection.

Reagent pre-heating function, inventory checking.

Real time monitoring of reagent residual volume and auto alarm.

Probe Cleaning:  Washing  for  both  inside and outside, carry over <0. 1%.


Reaction System

Reaction Tray: 44 reaction cuvettes with 6mm optical path, good UV penetrability, low consumable, low cost.

Reaction Technology: Back – Dividing – Light – Technology.

Reaction Volume: 250 µL - 300 µL.

Temperature: 37℃, with +0.1℃ fluctuation.

Mixing System: Independent mixer.

Cleaning: Supports automatic cleaning of cuvettes and allows for complete drainage to reduce carry over.

Water consumption: 5L/hour.

Liquid Detection: Detergent, distilled water, waste liquid automatic detection and alarm.


Optical  System

Light Source:  Halogen lamp 6V/ 10W, life span > 3000 hours.

Wavelength:  340nm, 405nm, 450nm, 492nm, 505ml, 546nm, 578nm, 620nm, 670nm, 700nm

Wavelength  Accuracy:  +2nm.

Detector:  Photoelectron Diode Array.

Absorbance Range: 0.000 Abs -3.000 Abs.


Calibration and Quality Control

Calibration Mode:  Linear (one-point, two-point  and rnulti-point ), Logit-Log4P, Logit-Log5P, Spline, Exponential, Polynomial, Parabola.

QC Rules:  Westgard Multi-rule.

QC Mode:  Intra-day  and inter-day QC.


Operating System

Computer:  Windows 2000 System or above.

Data Management:  Large capacity for results and reaction curves to be displayed, saved and printed.

Report: Edit and print complete reports, format editable, supports network printing.

Port:  RS-232.


Filters: FACA200 will have 10 filters 340,405,450,492,505,546,578,620,670,700nm


Working  Conditions

Power: 220V ±22V, 50/60Hz ± 1Hz

Power Consumption: <400VA

Environmental    Temperature: 15℃ - 30℃

Humidity:  <85%

Dimension: 760 (L)  x 560 (W) X 530 (H) mm

Weight: >85 Kgs


Fully Automatic

BioChemistry Analyzer